Welcome to UAMA

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Welcome to UAMA

The Uganda American Muslim Association (UAMA) is a charitable, religious organization, founded in 2007, composed of Muslims who seek to bring together Muslim brothers and sisters living in the United States and abroad; to encourage them to develop their faith, to interpret life from an Islamic perspective, to commit to Allah, and to develop traits of Muslim character and service and; to encourage Islamic oriented social activities; in settings such as seminars, conferences, forums, etc. through which members can meet, grow and gain strength.

One of the primary goals of UAMA is to encourage its members’ belief, social, cultural, economic, and intellectual development in accordance with the teachings of Islam as outlined in the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

Annual Meeting & Anniversary

Alhamdullillah, UAMA is blessed to be clocking in 10 Years since its inception in the New Jersey famous basement! We thank everyone who attended this year's conference and We look forward to the road of Reviving the Spirit of  Faith and Togetherness with UAMA Now!

This year's Annual Meeting and Conference was held June 14 - 17, 2018 at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, in Iselin, New Jersey. 

More conference information and materials will be available soon.

UAMA Programs

The UAMA administration and its committees have been working hard to fulfill UAMA's mission. Please click on Programs below for more information.

UAMA Programs

UAMA Administration

UAMA has a new administration. Once again we congratulate the new members of UAMA administration. At the beginning of the year, January 1, 2018, the newly elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors took the leading reins of UAMA. To get to know the newly elected members, please click below:

UAMA Board & Committee Members

Interested to serve on any committee, please contact us at:


UAMA Weekly Halaqas

Please join us every Friday at 9:00 PM, for a Halaqa session via phone Conferencing. 

Please note: This is a free phone services to you the caller so we encourage you to participate by joining (send your phone number to be added to the automatic calling system so that you never miss a Halaqa to halaqas@uamalimk.org). 

You may also send our Sheikhs questions, to be answered during the Q & A Halaqa session to halaqas@uamalink.org. 

For all of our previous Halaqas, click below.

Past Weekly Halaqas

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